In San Francisco, Halloween is celebrated more than most holidays. After the pre

halloween weekend full of fun. Today brings that actual trick or treat part of Halloween. While my age continues to grow, you start to see that these days have different meanings. Halloween now means going out and losing yourself with no regrets.

Halloween gives every person over the age of 18 an excuse to do whatever they feel like doing, and where whatever they feel like wearing without ever thinking about it twice. Walking around Downtown Frisco on Friday night, and the Marina district on Saturday proved my point to me further. Girls seemed to lose all self respect. When did wearing lingerie become the fad for Halloween. No one said I’m complaining, but come on, get a little more creative.

Finally, everyone be very careful on Halloween. The crazy people always find their way to the streets on October 31st.


In A City of Freedom, Obama Not Welcome in SF

It probably wasn’t the welcoming party that President Obama was expecting when he knew he was coming to San Francisco. With a laundry list of reasons why the citizens of the Bay Area are upset with Obama, he was definitely hearing the jeers over the cheers.

With guest paying at least $5000 a plate, I’m sure inside it was a bit more of a warming environment. Obama has recently stirred up several separate public groups and it will be interesting to watch and see how everything ends up.

Click the link below to see what the protestors had to say.

Hello world!


Welcome me to WordPress with a huge welcoming party! This is my first time and I promise to convey entertaining information to all of my followers! More to come very soon.