9-1, Playoff Bound?

With a convincing win yesterday, the San Francisco 49ers have pushed their record to 9-1 and are now 2nd best in the league. Jim Harbaugh really has these guys playing together football with already tying the amount of wins they had last year.

I was at the game, and let me tell you, the fans really showed out to support their team. Even though it started as a rainy, cloudy, cold day, the fans showedout in full support. David Akers really struggled in the 1st half making only 3 field goals out of his 6 attempts while having to of those 3 misses blocked. Although it was a rough first half for them in terms of getting into the endzone, in the 2nd half Alex Smith picked it up right away.

Connecting with Wide Receiver Kyle Williams early in the 3rd quarter pushed the 49er lead to 16, and they would never look back.Fitzgerald would end up getting into the end zone one time in the game, it just wasn’t enough for the injury ridden Cardinals.

Here is a flashback video of what happened last year when the 49ers beat the Cardinals.


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